Champaign City Profiles Features Adonis Fuller

Title page for Champaign City ProfilesAdonis Fuller is the first Purchasing and Compliance Specialist here at the City of Champaign. This newly created position oversees compliance with the City of Champaign Diversity Advancement Program (CDAP). The CDAP program encourages City departments, contractors, and other vendors doing business with the City to increase the amount of goods and services provided by local businesses owned by minorities, women, and other socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

In this episode of Champaign City Profiles, Adonis explains the benefits of the CDAP program, how to get on the Certified CDAP Vendor List, and how he works with all the departments in the City to use that list when seeking bids on City projects. He also touches on his background and why he likes working for the City of Champaign.

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