Code Compliance Response Times Temporarily Adjusted

Due to a record increase in the amount of Tenant Inspection requests, the Code Compliance Division will temporarily extend response times for some case types. The response time for most nuisance complaints will be extended from three to five days. Inspectors will still respond to nuisance complaints that are more time sensitive (i.e. garbage complaints) as soon as possible. Some administrative adjustments will be made to try to keep the compliance process from becoming too lengthy. The response time for exterior housing complaints will also be extended from three days to five days. The response times for tenant-requested inspections will not be adjusted.

The Code Compliance Division has experienced a record increase in Tenant Inspection requests in 2021. 116 tenant inspection requests were received in the four-month period from June through September (including 40 tenant inspection requests in September). From 2018-2020 the Code Compliance Division averaged 146 tenant inspection requests per year. With two months remaining in 2021, the number of tenant inspection requests is already at 212. Past year totals: 2018 – 161, 2019 – 153, 2020 – 124, 2021 – 212 (thru 10/28).

Tenant inspection cases are the most time intensive cases handled by the Division. Staff time from the time a complaint is received until the initial notice is issued can range from four to eight hours. Staff time spent on subsequent inspections can vary depending on the amount of cooperation received from the property owner and tenant.

The rise in tenant inspection cases may be due to the end of the eviction moratorium, but the Division doesn’t have data to support that at this time. The response times will revert back to the standard response times once caseload levels and staffing allow.