Recycling and Donating During Campus Move-In

CHAMPAIGN – As the fall semester begins at the University of Illinois, the City provides the following information on how to recycle and donate items resulting from Campus move-in activities:

Cardboard-Only Dumpsters. Champaign’s Feed The Thing program is holding a Cardboard-Only Dumpster Event during move-in time from August 16 to 25, 2019. Two cardboard-only dumpsters will be available with the purpose of providing students living in multifamily buildings (apartments, condos, and co-ops with five or more units), fraternities, sororities, and other shared housing, the opportunity to properly dispose of cardboard that does not fit into their Feed The Thing carts. This helps reduce the amount of materials entering the waste stream. The dumpsters will be clearly marked with “Cardboard Only” multi-lingual signs. Participants in the Feed The Thing recycling program can drop off cardboard to either location between August 16 to 25:

• 300 E. Chalmers Street (meter spot no. 0319, near the corner of East Chalmers and South Third)
• 900 S. First Street (meter spot no. 0215, in front of 908 South First Street)

Donating Reusable Items. Instead of throwing away perfectly good, reusable items (including food), residents are encouraged to donate them to local not-for-profit agencies. Clothes, furniture, home décor, electronics, appliances…if you no longer need them, let them find their way to someone who can use them! Some agencies will even pick up your items for free. For a list of acceptable items and for donation details, call or check the agencies’ websites:

• Courage Connection, 217-352-7151; website:
• CU FAIR, email: [email protected]; website:
• Eastern Illinois Foodbank, 217-328-3663; website:
• Empty Tomb, 217-356-2262; website:
• Goodwill, 217-280-1870; website:
• Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 217-359-0507; website:
• Salt & Light, 217-355-5654; website:
• Salvation Army Thrift Store, 217-373-7825; website:
• University YMCA, 217-337-1500; website: