Tax Incentives Available to Champaign Residents Living in Enterprise Zone

With construction season ramping up, the City of Champaign reminds homeowners and landlords of an incentive program offered for the renovation and upgrade of single family and renter-occupied homes located in the City of Champaign’s Enterprise Zone. The Targeted Neighborhood Improvement Program strives to improve properties within the Enterprise Zone (see map below) in order to improve the condition of homes and the livability of Champaign’s neighborhoods. Program participants will receive a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, allowing them to purchase permanent building materials without sales tax. In addition, participants may be eligible for a five-year property tax abatement of City, County, Champaign Park District, MTD, and City of Champaign Township property taxes that will result from the increased value of the newly improved property.

Eligible improvements include:
• Home additions
• Life-safety improvements, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC improvements
• Exterior improvements, including windows, roof, and siding

To take advantage of the Targeted neighborhood Improvement Program, residents must live within the Enterprise Zone and adhere to all applicable building and life-safety code requirements. For additional information, including an application, visit the City of Champaign’s website ( or call the Planning and Development Department at 217-403-8800.

Enterprise Zone Map

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