Storm Cleanup Update

The City of Champaign continues to assist homeowners and neighborhoods with cleanup efforts related to the severe weather on Sunday, June 10, 2018.  Since Sunday afternoon, more than 200 cubic yards of brush has been collected by Public Works crews, who will continue to collect trees and brush from both privately owned and City trees damaged during the storm.  Brush will be collected by City crews if it is left at the curb by Monday, June 18.  Public Works continues to make daily collections in the area bordered by Windsor Rd., Rising Rd., Kirby Ave, and Staley Rd. Residents in other areas of Champaign who have tree debris that resulted from the storm should contact Public Works to request a pick up – [email protected].

The City has removed 21 trees since Sunday, with a few more removals likely needed in other areas of the City.  The City plans to replant the City trees which were removed.  This process could begin during the Fall planting season.

City crews also continue to clean leaves and debris from storm sewer inlets throughout the City, and street sweepers are running from 3 am to 5 pm.  All traffic signal/electrical issues have been resolved with the exception of the signals on Prospect Ave. and I-74.  Public Works continues to work on the southbound signal, which may have been damaged by water.

The Neighborhood Services Department is working with homeowner’s associations in Ironwood and Copper Ridge to discuss neighborhood cleanup assistance and disposal of other types of debris.

The City thanks all the first responders who were on scene immediately after the storm on Sunday, as well as everyone who continues to assist those impacted by this weather event.  The City also thanks residents, neighbors, businesses, and volunteers who continue to lend a hand to those who suffered property damage during the storm.