City of Champaign Response for Storm Damage Tree/Natural Debris

The City of Champaign Public Works Department has mobilized resources to respond to Sunday’s storm, that left behind damaged trees, bushes, and other natural debris. Much of this damage was in the area bordered by Windsor Rd., Rising Rd., Kirby Ave., Staley Rd. City-owned and private tree debris is being picked up and will continue to be picked up, from the public right of way (ROW) as it is placed there. Residents in this area will have until Monday, June 18, 2018 to place this type of debris in the ROW. Residents in other areas, who have similar type of storm damage to trees, other natural items, should contact the Public Works Department to request a pickup at [email protected].

The Public Works Department has outlined the following steps in order to provide direction on how items should be placed:

  • Items should be placed parallel to the ROW so equipment can easily pick it up.
  • Items should be placed at the curbside, five feet away from obstacles such as:  mailboxes, trees, telephone poles, power boxes, and fire hydrants.
  • Yard waste bags OK, no plastic or containers
  • Twigs and branches may be bundled with non-metallic twine or placed in paper yard waste bags.
  • Logs/limbs should be 8’ or shorter, in order for them to be contained during transport.

For other types of debris, the City recommends that homeowners contact their insurance companies and/or solid waste hauler to discuss options for removal.

Media Contact:

Kris Koester, Manager, Administrative Services Division & Public Information Officer | 217-403-4700