City of Champaign Properly Pays Employees Serving in the Military: City Refutes Allegations Made by Illinois FOP

Earlier today the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (Union) issued a news release containing patently misleading statements and misrepresentations of law. The City of Champaign has a high regard for all its employees and refutes the allegations made by the Union that the City does not honor the service of our veterans or follow the law regarding employee military pay.

The Union filed a labor grievance against the City in January 2016, alleging that the City improperly calculated compensation owed to police officers serving in the military from September 11, 2001, to the present.  The Union filed an identical grievance against the City in 2002, which was denied in 2003 by then-City Manager Steve Carter.  The Union did not appeal the grievance at that time, or refile the grievance at any other time between 2003 and 2016.

City Manager Dorothy Ann David rendered her decision denying the 2016 grievance on February 3, 2017, as the City has accurately paid its military employees in accordance with state and federal law at all times.  The Union advanced the matter to grievance arbitration, which was scheduled to occur in October 2017.  The Union withdrew its grievance the day before the October 25 hearing.  According to the Union, the officers are now actively engaged in exploring the possibility of litigation.