Planning Staff Attends Ameren Act on Energy Symposium

Lacey Rains Lowe, Senior Planner in the Planning and Development Department, attended the 2017 Ameren Act On Energy Symposium in Springfield, IL to learn about changes to Ameren’s energy efficiency programs.  The symposium was very informative.  Sessions included information on Senate Bill 2814, known as the Future Energy Jobs Bill, which took effect this June.  This bill continues the targets for energy consumption reduction through energy efficiency improvements set forth in previous legislation, while also reducing barriers for renewable energy.  Unfortunately, specific energy efficiency program details are not yet finalized, though Ameren indicates that they should be ready by winter 2018.

One important change going forward is the shift of administration of energy efficiency programs for public facilities.  Energy efficiency programs for public facilities will no longer be administered through the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, but will be administered directly through Ameren, like all other commercial facilities.  This will allow public facilities to take advantage of certain programs that were previously only available to commercial facilities not owned by a public body.  Additionally, attendance at the symposium entitles the City to an additional 15% increase to any energy efficiency incentive grant from Ameren that may be received through the end of 2018.