2016 Farmer’s Market Stays Fresh, Helps Families

During Summer 2016, The City of Champaign was a proud sponsor of the Land Connection Farmer’s Market in Downtown Champaign. The Farmer’s Market was held on Tuesday evenings from May to October, and provided residents and employees in and around Downtown Champaign easy access to fresh local produce, crafts, prepared foods and many other items.

The Land Connection operates a matching fund sponsored by local businesses to benefit SNAP recipients. Participants swipe their cards in exchange for tokens to spend at the market. With the matching fund, the market doubles their tokens. The numbers are in from last season, and the market had an estimated 17,000 total patrons, 13 vendors and provided $3,500 in SNAP matching funds to 80 patrons. The Market gave out $2,500 more in SNAP matching funds than the previous season.

To view details from the 2016 Market Annual Report, please click here.