Demolition Underway at 608 E Columbia

Due to a court order, an Expedited Demolition is underway at 608 E. Columbia.  To coordinate the project, an Invitation to Bid was posted on the City of Champaign’s Website and a Public Notice was placed in the News Gazette on November 20 & 27. On December 2, a bid opening was held in which four companies made a bid.  LCD Ironhorse, Inc. came in with a bid of $14,480.00. Kim Burnett, Project Manager, ensured that all required documents were present and issued the Notice of Award to LCD Ironhorse, Inc. on December 8. The Notice to Proceed was issued on December 9. The contractor informed Kim that they planned to start December 12, and on December 15 Kim went to the site to check on progress. At that time, Kim found the house down. She hopes the total demolition project will be completed soon.