Code Compliance – Beardsley Ave

Code Compliance – 300 block W. Beardsley

During a routine inspection, Property Maintenance Inspector Cliff Peete notice severe damage to the porch area of a single family residential structure. As a result, Peete issued a housing violation notice to address the structural deficiencies. After receiving the housing violation notice, the property owner contacted Peete to inform him a vehicle accidently ran into the porch and he was currently working with his insurance company to address the problem. Due to the structural integrity of the porch, Peete required the property owner to secure the front door so the occupants would not have access to the porch to prevent someone from being injured. The owner complied and taped off the porch secured the front door. Peete continued to monitor the property and work with the property owner until all repairs were completed.


Property After Repairs


before-pic-1-300-block-w-beardsley  before-pic-2-300-block-w-beardsley

Property Before Repairs