Mable Thomas Park

Mable Thomas Park has been the scene of numerous complaints from neighborhood residents living in homes adjacent to the park, and reports from county and local police concerning large groups of unsupervised youth fighting, vandalizing and destroying park equipment. After discussions with Champaign County officials regarding ongoing park sustainability, it was determined that the park no longer has insurance coverage and that they could be subject to civil litigation if a child or adult is injured at the park. Therefore, due to the ongoing challenges and lack of insurance, the County has decided to “de-park” the lot. The Champaign Park District have removed their picnic tables, and the signage designating the lot as a park in honor of Mable Thomas has also been removed. Over the next several weeks, the County will be restricting access to the lot via construction fencing, and removing the park play equipment. Neighborhood Services will work with the County to identify an alternative use for the lot.