Bid Packets Released for 404 West Eureka Street

404 W Eureka - 1On May 22, Bid packets were released for the demolition of 404 W. Eureka Street. Susan Jones, Property Maintenance Inspector, is the Project Coordinator for the demolition. To date, 25 requests for packets have been submitted through the City website and two contractors have picked up packets in person. The property located at 404 W. Eureka is in poor condition, with large holes in the roof of the house, garbage piled inside, and missing
siding or wallboard on the outside. 404 W Eureka - 2The owner walked away from the house in late 2014 when the taxes were sold and a Sheriff’s Deed issued to the tax purchaser. When Jones notified the tax purchaser that they would be required to register the property as a vacant structure and bring it up to current code, they returned the deed as an “Error in Deed” and also vacated. Bids are due by June 6 at 10:00 a.m. The contract for demolition is expected to be signed prior to the end of June, with demolition being completed by the end of July.