Police Officer, Neighborhood Services Assist Trapped Dog

On April 4, 2016, Property Maintenance Inspector Susan Jones received a phone call from Officer Shane Standifer about a dog that was locked inside a boarded property. Officer Standifer was responding to a call from the property owner and needed someone to remove a board so he could enter and retrieve the dog. As the owner explained to Officer Standifer, the dog became scared due to the high winds on Saturday afternoon and bolted from her residence. After searching the neighborhood for two days looking for her dog, the owner finally heard “Peaches” barking in the basement at 312 W. Vine. This property had been destroyed by a fire in February of 2016 and all first floor openings had been secured with plywood.

Jones responded to Officer Standifer by bringing a portable drill and providing entry to retrieve the dog. Officer Standifer went into the basement and quickly returned carrying Peaches, who was immediately reunited with its owner. The property was then re-secured to prevent unlawful entry.

The property has changed ownership since the fire incident and the new owner has been in contact with the Neighborhood Services Department regarding the fire damaged structure and two other structures on the property. Demolition permits have been issued for all three structures.