City of Champaign Implements New Alarm System Requirements and Registration


In accordance with City of Champaign municipal code, residents and businesses within Champaign City limits are required to annually register their alarm systems.  Code 1985 Chapter 4—Alarm Systems was approved by the Champaign City Council in March 2015 and serves to reduce the false alarm costs to the City and its citizens.

The City has contracted with third-party vendor, “PMAM Corp.” to manage the alarm permits and false alarms tracking.  Any alarm system or equipment designed to provide audible, mechanical, or electrical signal which indicates a disturbance or other activity that requires urgent attention, is required to obtain a permit.  Permit charges are $50 for residential and commercial permits, and $20 for annual permit renewal.

The City of Champaign and Champaign Police see the alarm registration and tracking as an added strength to public safety.  False alarms have shown to be costly and dangerous to the city, as they divert police officers from proactive crime prevention efforts and delay response to calls that may be true emergencies.

“Our primary mission here is to leverage the community’s access to its officers,” shared Deputy Chief Joe Gallo.  “Approximately 3.5 percent of our total calls for service are spent on false alarms.  We’d like to see a reduction in those numbers so that we can give more opportunity for officer engagement and actual emergency response.”

The three major causes of false alarms are user errors, installation or service errors, and equipment failures.  Inadequate training and weak system batteries are among other noted reasons.

The City of Champaign takes into consideration that mistakes may occur to cause an unintended alarm offset; however, alarm users with repeat false alarm reports may be subject to fines, dependent on the number of false alarms within a preceding 12-month period, and based upon the following fee schedule:

Residential and Commercial Permit Holders:

Number of False Alarms/Fee

1-3 False Alarms/None

4-9 False Alarms/$100 fine per false alarm

10+ False Alarms/$150 fine per false alarm

Residential and Commercial Non-Permit Holders:

1st False Alarm:    A notice will be sent for alarm registration to be paid within 30 days.  Failure to register within 30 days will result in a $100 registration fee, and any future false alarms charged at $200 per alarm.

Updates are currently being made to the City’s alarm system database and alarm permit holders can expect to receive a written notice regarding annual renewal.  Alarm holders are required to update information on their registration permit including contact persons, phone numbers and email addresses.

New permit registrations and renewals can be obtained by calling (888) 408-9026; online by clicking on the “Alarm Permits & Renewals” link at; or via mail at: City of Champaign Alarm Program, P.O. Box 142375, Irving, TX 75014.

Residents that receive an annual renewal letter that includes billing error are directed to contact Ronnie Lauria-Heugel at 217-403-6995.

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