Planning Staff and Fire Staff coordinate to look at Future Growth

The Planning and Development Department Staff have been working with the Fire Department Staff to look at future growth for the City of Champaign.  The Fire Department is performing a study looking at their service areas and response times, while trying to stay in tune with current development patterns and projected growth.

Senior Planners Jeff Marino and Lacey Rains Lowe have had several meetings with Bill Fernandez and John Barker of the Fire Department to discuss future growth areas, projected densities, and possible timing for future development.  The Future Land Use Map and policies in the Champaign Growing Greener Comprehensive Plan provide guidance on the location and type of development to expect.  Based on existing infrastructure like sanitary sewers and road improvements, Planning and Development Department staff is able to understand where growth will likely occur.

Due to limitations on the extension of public infrastructure, locations that are likely or unlikely to experience future growth can also be anticipated.   Staff has been analyzing recent growth patterns to project timing of future development as well.  This analysis shows a higher demand for infill housing units and reduced demand for housing units on the fringe of the community.  Fire Department staff will use this information to make best projections on future service demand.