Hill Street Parking Deck Annual Report

Usage: The HSPD experienced another year of usage growth, although the numbers tracked are not as high as 2013. This reduced number is related to a change in how the deck operates on the weekends. Entries and exits are tracked when tickets or electronic passes are used to raise the gates. On weekends parking is free, so the gates were programmed to stay in the raised position. This change is more customer service friendly. It reduces the amount of time it takes customers to get in and out of the garage and prevents possible equipment malfunctions. Total hourly entries for 2014 were 101,040 and total permit entries were 46,202 for a grand total of 147,242 entries.

Budget: Expenditures for calendar 2014 were $25,500 under budget. There were several large scale projects that occurred in 2014, but staff worked with the contractor to keep costs low. Some of these projects included handrail painting, concrete spalling repair, new exterior lights, and elevator repairs.

Contractor update: Heartland Parking has developed a positive relationship with the City and the HSPD customers. They have provided customer appreciation days, given away ice scrapers, and met with Downtown business owners to promote the validation program. This season, Heartland has also taken over addressing snowfall at the deck. Previously this was handled by Public Works staff. Heartland staff has equipment on site and can immediately respond to snow events. This is a more positive response for parking deck customers and it saves the City money.