Public Works Service Requests

Citizens and City staff submitted 280 total requests during January 2015.  This was a 34% increase from December’s 185 calls.  The chart below tracks the number of requests recorded each day by staff. Citizens using the mobile phone application, SeeClickFix, reported 24 (9%) of the issues.

Service Requests by Date

Service Requests by Category

Snow and Ice had a total of 78 (28%) requests.  The Sewer Section responded to 35 (13%) miscellaneous requests and 43 (15%) sewer-related calls for a total of 78 (28%) service requests.  The Asphalt section was close with 41 (15%) calls. Tied for most frequent complaint were pothole repairs and snow & ice mailbox repair with 36 calls each (13%). In third place was sewer backups with 31 (11%) calls.