The Champaign Police Department and the University of Illinois Police Department Address Recent Crimes on Campus

“Citizens Are Encouraged to Remain Alert and Travel in Pairs”

The Champaign Police Department and the University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD) are working closely to implement effective crime prevention strategies on campus. Over the past two weeks, 12 incidents of mob action and robbery have occurred in the U of IL campus area.

In response to these crimes, both agencies have committed resources aimed at protecting our students and identifying potential suspects. The enforcement strategies include:

  • Providing proactive enforcement details in the campus area; deploying plain clothes and uniformed police officers to monitor suspicious activity and gather information, which may help identify potential suspects;
  • Partnering to issue public safety alerts and bulletins to all students and staff.
  • Partnering with the U of I Student Patrol to patrol areas where these crimes have occurred.

“The City of Champaign is dedicated to protecting our local and campus communities and will use every available resource to ensure the safety of our residents and students,” says Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb. “However, we strongly urge students to remain alert at all times and avoid walking alone,” he added.

“If you see something, say something. The UIPD is encouraging the community to report suspicious behaviors to 9-1-1. Every set of eyes and ears in our community is a valued partner in maintaining a safe campus. The purpose of the crime alerts is to educate our community on potential threats, but also to seek assistance in identifying the offenders,” says Chief Jeff Christensen, UIPD.


Members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to follow these safety tips to decrease their potential for becoming a victim:

  • Stay alert. Call the police immediately to report suspicious activity.
  • Trust your instincts. If it does not feel right, call for help.
  • Avoid walking alone. Travel in groups when possible and always walk in well-lit, heavily traveled areas.
  • Turn down your electronic devices. Excessive volume or use of electronic devices (iPods, PDAs, cell phones, etc.) can distract you from potential safety hazards.
  • Choose well-lighted busy streets and avoid passing vacant lots, alleys or construction sites.
  • If you must be out late at night call Campus Police/Safe Walk at 217-333-1216 for an escort or MTD Safe Rides 217-265-RIDE (7433).
  • If you choose to consume alcohol, please drink moderately. Remember your ability to respond is diminished by over-consumption of alcohol. Individuals who are intoxicated, that require police or medical assistance, should not delay or fail to request assistance because of concerns of potentially being cited for alcohol violations. Officers will use appropriate discretion.

If you are victimized:

  • Make a conscious effort to get an accurate description of your attacker: age, race, complexion, body build, height, weight, type and color of clothing.
  • If the attacker(s) arrives or flees in a vehicle, get an accurate description of the color, make, model, body style, number of doors, condition of the vehicle, license plate and vehicle direction of travel.
  • Call the police immediately.

Anyone with information about these crimes can contact the Champaign Police Department by calling (217) 351-4545 or callers can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 373-8477 (TIPS.) Information can also be sent by anonymous web tip by going to: or by texting keyword “CCTIP” plus the information to 274637 (CRIMES).