West Park Neighborhood Association

The newly formed group met on Saturday, July 19 despite the rainstorm and many of the residents having to deal with flooded basements. Neighborhood Coordinator John Ruffin met with about twenty residents who turned out for the neighborhood group kickoff meeting. The residents were excited about the opportunity to organize and reaffirmed that the priorities of the group initially should be public safety, code compliance issues and neighbor to neighbor relations. Additionally, the group discussed possibly engaging residents on Church Street and University Avenue to be as inclusive as possible. Residents were unanimous in their commitment to working with Neighborhood Code Compliance to address a property they perceive to be an ongoing challenge. They would like to meet with Neighborhood Code Compliance to develop a plan and monitor the progress towards bringing the non-compliant property into compliance. This property has been in its current state of non-compliance for at least 3 years and residents feel some sort of resolution is needed.