Pavement Marking Removal and Installation 2014 Project

Pavement Marking Removal and Installation 2014 ProjectVarsity Striping, Inc. has started the 2014 Pavement Marking Project.

All streets will remain open to traffic throughout the pavement marking removal and installation processes, although lanes may periodically be closed as necessary during working hours.

The final completion date for this project is November 1, 2014.

Thermoplastic (thermo) is used on asphalt streets. Whereas paint is used on concrete streets (thermo does not adhere well to concrete). A brief description of the type and status of work is included below.

Thermo Line Truck: Locations included in this work are Fourth St., Neil St., Bradley Ave., Staley Rd., Country Fair Dr. and Green St. This work includes all of the long lines on asphalt roads. Long lines are lane lines (solid white), center lines (solid double yellow) and skip dashes.