City Prepares for Potential Severe Weather

The City of Champaign Public Works Department is mobilizing resources in preparation for the potential severe weather that is forecasted to affect our area overnight into tomorrow. According to the National Weather Service heavy rainfall in the amount of up to four inches and high wind gusts may accompany this storm. A crew will remain over tonight until 7:00 pm to sweep streets and pre-stage barricades in typical flood problem areas. A crew consisting of maintenance workers, arborists, and traffic & lighting engineers will report at 4:00 am on Wednesday 6/4/14 to address any flooding, lighting issues or downed tree limbs.

The Public Works Department has outlined the following steps in order to prepare for and address the potential rainfall:

  • Sweep Streets and clean viaducts in the area bordered by Neil St., Bradley Ave., Mattis Ave., and Kirby Ave. to remove debris that may cause flooding.
  • Monitor and clean inlets in typical flood problem areas of debris.
  • Monitor detention basins during the rainfall, utilizing pumps as necessary.

Citizens are encouraged to take appropriate precautions when driving as some streets and intersections may contain large amounts of rainfall or downed tree limbs. Any flooding of streets or tree limbs should be reported to the Public Works Department at 217.403.4700. If citizens would like to assist with preparation activities, they may clear inlets in their neighborhoods of debris. Citizens are reminded to clear the inlet while standing above the road level if water is present.

Public Works staff will continue to proactively monitor forecasts and respond in a timely and efficient manner to threats of inclement weather.