What You Should Know Before Placing a Real Estate Sign

It’s that season–to buy and sell real estate; the City usually starts to see an increase in real estate signs being placed around town.

The Champaign City Code provides specific regulations on the placement, number, and size of signage allowed. These regulations are intended to allow real estate agents to effectively market a property while preventing an abundance of real estate signs in residential neighborhoods and ensuring signs are not placed in inappropriate locations (i.e. on the public right of way). The City’s regulations for real estate signs can be found in the Champaign City Municipal Code Section 37-418.

The Planning and Development Department has provided notice to local realtors via the Board of Real Estate that starting June 9, 2014, the Department will be enforcing the real estate sign regulations. If real estate agents fail to comply with the provisions of the Ordinance, and continue to have prohibited signs except where expressly authorized by law, their signs will be removed and they will be fined.

If you have any questions about the sign ordinance, please contact the Planning Department at 217-403-8800 or [email protected].

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