City of Champaign will not Continue Municipal Electric Aggregation

The City of Champaign announced today that its Municipal Electric Aggregation (MEA) program will not continue for the next year (June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015). The City was not able to obtain from a retail electric supplier a bid that could beat the Ameren electricity supply rate. “The City’s MEA program was a tremendous success. It saved our 30,000 members over $1,600,000 on their electricity bills,” said Dennis Schmidt, Public Works Director. “This does not mean the City’s MEA program has been terminated. In the future, if the City can contract for a competitive electricity rate, the City’s program can be reinstated. The City will evaluate reinstating the program next spring.”

Because the City’s MEA program is not continuing, its members will receive a letter this month from Ameren notifying them that “your current electric choice is terminating” and they have 60 days to choose another electric supplier.  MEA members will also receive a letter this week from the City providing more information on choosing another electric supplier.

In the 60 day period, City MEA members have two electric supplier choices:

1. Members could select a new retail electric supplier. There are over 20 suppliers to choose from at the ICC Plug-In Illinois website.
2. Members could choose to do nothing. Ameren would then be their electricity supplier. The Ameren rate will fluctuate monthly and
they will have to stay with Ameren electricity supply service for a minimum of 12 billing months.

If price is important, the City’s recommendation to its members is to do nothing and let Ameren become their electricity supplier for the next 12 months. The City expects Ameren’s electricity supply rate to be approximately 4.0 cents per KwH or less for the next 12 months.

For more information visit our MEA site