Contractor Breakfast for City Suppliers

The cities of Champaign, Urbana, and the Village of Rantoul worked together to sponsor a breakfast for the contractors and subcontractors who supply the labor and materials required to complete our various programs’ projects. The breakfast was held at EL Toro restaurant on West Springfield Ave., Champaign.

The purpose of the breakfast was to show our appreciations for the contractors, provide updates on policy changes, review our expectations and concerns, and give the contractors an opportunity to voice their concerns and ask questions. Kevin Jackson and Kerri Spear gave opening remarks. Kevin Jackson, Kerri Spear, Susan Jones, Nina Sibley, and Joe Lewis served as representatives from Champaign’s Neighborhood Services Department. Kelly Hartford-Mierkowski, Randy Burgett, and Stephen Chrisman represented Urbana, and Mike Loschen represented Rantoul. In addition, twenty-five contractors and subcontractors attended.

Contractors at Contractor Breakfast

Contractors attending the Banquet

City Staff Presenting Information at Contractor Breakfast

City Staff Presenting at Contractor Banquet