News Update: City of Champaign Snow Response Operations

Champaign — The City of Champaign Public Works Department is continuing with around the clock operations to address the snowfall that began this morning. Residents are encouraged to stay home, if possible. Blizzard like conditions have been reported with limited to zero visibility in some areas. All City streets have snow on them and snowpack is forming in many areas. Forecasters are calling for approximately 8″ of snow, with high winds gusting to 35 mph. According to Public Works Operations Manager Ernesto Salinas, “Public Works staff is utilizing all available snow plowing equipment and additional contractual help. Our current focus is on plowing primary routes and assisting emergency responders. The dry snow, accompanying winds, and life threatening cold temperatures are creating a more difficult response situation than usual. We will not be able to completely fully address our Snow and Ice Control Plan and completely plow streets until the winds die down and temperatures rise, potentially sometime later in the week.”