Boiler Safety Inspection

The City uses boilers to help heat several of the buildings. The Office of the State Fire Marshal requires that all boilers be inspected every two years and certain pressure vessels (like hot water tanks) be inspected every three years. In some instances, the State Fire Marshal inspectors conduct the inspections. In other instances, they rely on insurance company inspectors to provide the inspections and report the result to their office.

Boilers and other pressure vessels are not covered by traditional property insurance, and special “boiler and machinery” coverage is needed to cover this exposure. The City purchases this coverage through Cincinnati Insurance Company.

Required inspections on boilers at the City’s Fire Department, Library and Police Departments were conducted on September 25, 2013 by City Risk Manager Larry Krause and Inspector Randy Holland from Cincinnati Insurance. Inspector Holland had no significant findings, making only two minor recommendations, one to support a drain pipe on the old boiler at the Police Department, the other to replace a relief valve on the hot water heater that works correctly but did stick open when tested.

There were no additional costs to the City for the inspections, the service is part of the premium paid by the City for the insurance coverage.

Building Services staff will make the repairs recommended.