City Responds to Pedestrian Safety Concerns on Prospect Avenue

The City of Champaign is working to address public concerns about pedestrian safety along Prospect Avenue, south of Green Street, and near South Side Elementary School.

Since Tuesday, when learning of an accident involving an elementary student at South Side, the City of Champaign has taken immediate actions as well as begun to investigate longer-term solutions to public safety concerns.  Actions taken to date include:

Police Department personnel have met with the principal of South Side Elementary to discuss student pedestrian traffic patterns near the school;

  • The Police Department has increased traffic enforcement in the area;
  • A speed trailer has been installed on John Street, near Prospect Avenue, to remind drivers of their speed while traveling in the area.

Communications between City and School District officials will continue in the coming weeks to explore ways to better educate the public and make changes to ensure safer routes to school.  Traffic enforcement will continue and a public safety message boards will be placed along Prospect Avenue, beginning next week, to remind drivers that students are crossing in the area.

The City is also exploring additional long-term options to improve safety conditions in that area and will discuss these proposals with the Champaign City Council during a Study Session on October 22, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. The Public Works Department will work closely with the Police Department to examine traffic patterns, signage, infrastructure conditions and other items that could be improved to promote safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers in that area.  Citizen input on these issues is encouraged.

The City also wants to remind everyone to remain proactive and attentive when commuting through areas near schools.  The Regional Plan Commission, in partnership with area schools, has developed Safe Routes to School maps and provides safety tips for students and parents.  Information on pedestrian safety can be found at the following link: