Campus Move in Move Out

In an effort to keep campus clean during move-in and move-out periods, Aria Perbohner, Recycling Intern, contributed to the third success of the annual Campus Move In Move Out, Tuesday August 6th, and Saturday August 10th. The goal for this year’s event was to encourage local rental agencies to provide disposable alternatives of reusable items, as well as keeping the goods and materials from entering and overfilling the trash receptacles. These provide convenient locations for students during move-in and move-out times to drop off reusable and recyclable goods that were donated to local non for profits in Champaign County. This year’s event saw an increase in items donated, roughly 2000 cubic feet of furniture and goods. This event was made successful with the partnership from Campus Property Management, Rolland Realty, Illinois Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and Salvation Army.

Campus Move In Move Out Campus Move In Move Out