Shooting Investigation (Update) – (N. Sixth Street/E. Bradley Avenue)

Champaign – The investigation into a shooting that occurred today at 1:20 AM near N.
Sixth Street and Bradley Avenue is underway.

Since the shooting, the Multi-Jurisdictional Investigative Team has processed the scene for evidence and begun to interview witnesses. Preliminary information indicates the following:

The officers’ squad car videos were reviewed. The videos show a Champaign police
officer asking a 20 year old Champaign man to step away from his vehicle. As the driver
exited the vehicle, he was observed removing a gun from his pants and placing the muzzle
of the gun to his head. The officer, who was standing next to the driver, reacted to the gun
being displayed. A physical scuffle ensued and the weapon discharged a single round and
struck the driver. Both the officer and driver were transported to the hospital for treatment
of injuries sustained during the incident. The officer was treated and released. The
condition of the driver has not been made available to the department and, therefore, will
not be released. A male passenger did not report any injuries. He was interviewed and

“This was a traumatic situation for both the officer and driver and could have resulted in
more people being harmed. My prayers are with the officer and the injured driver,” says
Chief Anthony Cobb.

Champaign County State’s Attorney Julia Rietz has been actively monitoring this
investigation and is reviewing this case from a criminal aspect, as well as a considering
any mental health issues that may be involved.

The investigative team asks for the public’s patience as they conduct a thorough review of
this incident. Updates on the investigation will be provided as they become available.