Unit 4 Future Facilities Recommendations

At the May 13, 2013 Unit 4 Board of Education meeting, the recommendations of the Future Facilities Committee were presented to the Board. Both the PowerPoint presentation given by Dejong Richter, the consultant guiding the process, and the recommendations can be found at http://futurefacilities.champaignschools.org/. The recommendations include building a new Central High School, renovating and adding onto Centennial High School, renovating the existing Central building for Edison Middle School and a Career Preparedness High School, and addressing Dr. Howard and Southside elementary schools as the highest priority projects. These could either be taken forward as a single referendum item, or broken into two phases. Addressing Jefferson and Franklin Middle Schools would follow as lower priority projects and likely be undertaken when the sales tax bonds are paid off using that revenue stream. The recommendations do not pick a site for a new Central High School but express a preference for an interior site and as a next step the Board discussed going through a 90 day “request for proposal” process to allow the development community and other landowners to propose possible sites that have not been considered to date.