Vine Street Neighborhood Group

In response to neighborhood complaints concerning zoning and code compliance issues, the Neighborhood Services Department convened a neighborhood meeting for the residents in the 1000 block of West Vine in September. The goal of the meeting was to work with neighborhood residents to outline City zoning and code regulations, educate them about enforcement procedures, and begin discussions for organizing a registered neighborhood group.

A follow- up meeting was held in October. Neighborhood Services Code Compliance Manager David Oliver was able to report on progress relative to code compliance cases. John Ruffin, Neighborhood Coordinator, facilitated the follow-up meeting and worked with the neighbors to identify group boundaries and plan for the newly registered group’s first neighborhood event on November 10 from 9-12. This event will consist of a neighborhood cleanup and a neighbor meet and greet. In addition, the Neighborhood Coordination Division will work with them to organize and implement the community building activities and Neighborhood Code Compliance, after achieving compliance on existing complaints, will continue to monitor and enforce ongoing code compliance concerns.