Shadow Wood Engagement Workshop

The Neighborhood Services Department and the Bristol Implementation Team hosted a workshop with community stakeholders from Unit 4 Schools, University of Illinois, other Champaign City departments, and community advocates to begin planning the implementation of a culture specific engagement plan for the Shadow Wood Neighborhood. The meeting was designed to identify problems and synergies and to begin to develop a practitioner’s network of service providers serving the Shadow Wood Neighborhood.

As part of its ongoing Bristol Implementation efforts, the Neighborhood Services Department is working to develop a neighborhood group of residents within the community and it is our goal to work with service providers to coordinate resources and services to maximize our effectiveness. The planning workshop provided an opportunity to meet current providers and work with both internal and external stakeholders and begin working with them to develop a coordinated engagement strategy which resonates with the residents of Shadow Wood.

Shadow Wood Engagement Workshop   Shadow Wood Engagement Workshop  Shadow Wood Engagement Workshop  Shadow Wood Engagement Workshop