City Staff Works with Beverly Movie Theater Design Team

City Staff Works with Beverly Movie Theater Design TeamThe Building Safety Division, Planning Department, and Engineering Staff met with the design team for the Beverly Movie Theater on April 17th to discuss the preliminary design considerations for the redevelopment of the Beverly Movie Theater. On June 4th the architect, Archtech Design Group out of Memphis, Tennesee, submitted the building permit for the redeveloped movie theater. City Staff is reviewing the building permit for final approval. The construction value of the permit is $6,300,000.

 Big D Auditorium in Apple Valley, MN                                                                            The permit shows a main screen in the new theater which will be the Carmike Cinemas equivalent of an “IMAX” Theater. The auditorium which will have 654 seats will have the same specs as an “IMAX” Theater, but it will not have the “IMAX” license. The screen will be 80 feet wide and over 3 stories tall and called “Big D.” The Big D auditorium will have its own lobby within the theater which will have upgraded finishes.

City Staff Works with Beverly Movie Theater Design TeamStaff worked with the architect to have the site plan for the new theater include a striped crosswalk between the existing bus stop on Meijer Drive and the front doors to the movie theater. The site plans also shows 84 new trees being planted as part of the redevelopment of the site.

Lastly, the site plan shows a future outlot on the site for commercial development. This 2- acre parcel will be zoned commercial general, which will add an addtional lot for development with frontage on Prospect Ave, once it has gone through the subdivision process.