More Zipcars for Downtown!

Three years ago the City of Champaign worked closely with Urbana, the University and the CUMTD to bring carsharing to the community. Since that time Zipcar has successfully operated in the community and recently added vehicles to the system. One of the new cars has arrived in downtown Champaign. Two cars remain in the Neil & Washington Street parking lot while a third car has been added in the Illinois Terminal parking lot at University Avenue and Market Street. The addition of the third car is an indicator of the demand for the Zipcar service. When service first started in 2009 Zipcar provided seven cars in the Champaign-Urbana community. Today there are ten cars and the number of members continues to rise. Many City employees regularly use Zipcar as an alternative to fleet vehicles thus lowering overall expenses to the City’s fleet system. Having a successful carsharing program helps to achieve many other City goals including sustainability and strengthening other modes of transportation. For questions regarding Zipcar in Champaign contact Rob Kowalski, Assistant Planning Director.