Implementing the Trails Plan

Last year City Council adopted the Champaign Trails Plan, establishing a vision for a connected system of recreational trails. The Trails Plan brands 12 different trails and suggests actions for implementation. The Wabash Railtrail is envisioned to be an east-west trail within the abandoned railroad property just north of downtown. It would connect the northern portions of downtown to Spalding Park and beyond. The Planning Department has been working with Norfolk Southern to acquire the abandoned right-of-way which in many places contains debris and overgrown vegetation. Once acquired the City would work with the Park District to establish a trail corridor while selling back other pieces of the corridor to adjacent residents who are interested in expanding their property. Property acquisition from the Railroad can be a very lengthy process but the Planning Department is working closely with representatives from Norfolk Southern to advance the request. Eventually, this project would not only advance the goals of the Trails Plan but help clean-up a portion of north Downtown and perhaps become a catalyst for future improvements. Please contact Rob Kowalski, Assistant Planning Director, with any questions.

Implementing the Trails Plan Implementing the Trails Plan