Public Works Department Announces Changes to Customer Service Hours and Location

Beginning Tuesday, June 12, the Public Works Building will be closed to visitors for remodeling for approximately six months. Customer Service Staff members Wanda Behneke and Donna Bond will be relocated to the Parking Building at 713 Edgebrook Dr and all customer service for the department will take place at this location. If you will be visiting someone in Public Works, you can make arrangements ahead of time so that person can meet you at the Public Works Building to let you in or you can check in at 713 Edgebrook. The new customer service hours for Public Works and Parking are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The current Public Works phone numbers (217) 403-4700, 403-4710, and 403-4770, the email address [email protected], and Donna’s and Wanda’s direct phone extensions may continue to be used. Any inquiries to this change should be forwarded to Stacy Rachel, Public Works Department, at 403-7050 or, email [email protected].