CNNC Live! Engagement Campaign Underway

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the Neighborhood Services Department hosted the first in a series of eight CNNC Live! events at the Providence at Thornberry apartment community, as part of their Champaign NEIGHBORhood NetWORKS Campaign. These events are targeted in neighborhoods throughout the city impacted by violence, or other challenges to neighborhood stability. The events are designed to engage neighbors with information and resources to support neighborhood youth and families.

Additionally, as part of the CNNC summer engagement campaign, Neighborhood Services has supported events hosted by several neighborhood groups including clean up events in the Copper Ridge and BPM² neighborhoods, a commons area beautification project in the Trails at Brittany neighborhood, and a block party in the GHMC Neighborhood. City-hosted CNNC Live! events will be held every other Thursday through September 19, 2024.