E&E Intern Wrap-Up

The Equity and Engagement Department was excited to host 4 interns this semester through the U of I’s School of Social Work, Community Learning Lab (CLL). The CLL creates and supports relationships between the community and the students at the University of Illinois in a partnership that is mutually beneficial in the areas of sustainability, service, growth, and education. They provide students with an experiential learning opportunity that engages them as citizens and enhances their skills and education experiences in a marketable way. This semester’s interns worked to gather data on the Champaign Diversity Advancement Program and information on regional human rights offices to assist in the expanding work in those areas. One of the students submitted a reflection on their time in which they said:

“…I gained a lot of insight about community outreach, and learned about how to make complex fliers more digestible to the public. I now have a bigger perspective of what governmental departments can do for communities, and that there are a lot of ways that they can do good…”