Champaign Fire Companies Return to Fire Station 4

Air Quality Tests Come Back “All Clear”

On August 30, 2023, the two fire companies assigned to Fire Station 4 (2315 W. John St.) returned to operate out of that location after air quality test results came back “all clear” on Tuesday. The two fire companies had been temporarily relocated to two other fire stations as a standard precaution while air quality test results were pending last weekend. Multiple samples were collected and all tested negative for asbestos.

A temporary HVAC system has been installed to cool the fire station until an environmental remediation specialist can clean the building’s mechanical room of dust that was found to contain 2% asbestos. That remediation work is scheduled to begin this week and can safely take place with Fire Department personnel on site. After that work is completed the fire station’s existing HVAC system will be put back into service and the temporary system will be removed.