Champaign Fire Companies at Station 4 Temporarily Relocated

Fire and EMS Response Services Continue as Normal

The two fire companies and apparatus assigned to Champaign Fire Station 4 on John Street, have been temporarily relocated to Fire Stations 5 and 6 while air quality testing is conducted at Station 4. This change was necessary to ensure employee safety and will not impact the delivery of Fire Department services.

On August 17, a contractor servicing the water heater at Fire Station 4 noticed exposed insulation with visible dust particles on the surface. Unsure of the makeup of the particles, City staff called a contractor to collect a sample for testing. Test results found that 2% of the sample contained asbestos. The City took immediate steps to secure the affected area and brought in an environmental contractor to provide guidance on remediating the material.

Earlier today, the environmental contractor advised as a standard precaution, the HVAC system at Fire Station 4 should be shut down until air quality testing inside the station’s living quarters is completed. For the safety of Fire Department employees while the HVAC is out of service, the two fire companies that operate out of Station 4 have been temporarily relocated to Fire Stations 5 and 6. Air quality samples have been taken and are being overnighted to a testing facility. Based on the test results, the City will take appropriate follow-up actions including mitigation measures as necessary.

Interim Fire Chief Gary Gula said, “I want to assure the public that all fire units remain in operation, and the Champaign Fire Department continues to provide the same level of excellent service that our community has come to expect. As always, METCAD will continue to dispatch the closest available unit to handle any emergency requiring a Fire Department response.”