New Champaign City Profiles Features April Faulkner

In the latest episode of Champaign City Profiles, Station Manager Brian Paris talks with April Faulkner, a Community Relations Specialist in the Equity and Engagement Department. In the podcast, April provides some examples of what her department does and how her role is to help drive the department’s important work forward.

One project that she loves working on is the City’s Welcoming Plan. The City works with other organizations in the community to implement a set of strategic initiatives to welcome immigrants and better integrate foreign-born residents into our social, cultural, and economic fabric. Other topics discussed in this episode are the new Engage Champaign website, the Champaign Diversity Advancement Program (CDAP) and the benefits of collaborating with other City Departments.

You can find links to this and all the City’s podcasts on the City’s website or you can subscribe through your favorite podcast player by searching for Champaign City Profiles. The video version of this episode is also available on the City’s video on-demand website.