Champaign County Community Coalition Meeting

On July 12, the Equity and Engagement Department hosted their monthly Community Coalition meeting. The Race Relations Committee reviewed their 2023-2023 activities including their collaboration with the Grand Prairie Museum and the African American Heritage Trail to educate residents about the rich cultural history of people whose stories have been largely ignored and unrecognized. They also provided updates on their partnerships, educational seminars and community meetings as well as upcoming programming for 2023-2024. The Community Coalition shared information related to their strategic action activities for 2023-2024 involving upcoming events such as a luncheon to understand the State of Illinois’ Black Business survey, upcoming Black Mental Health and Wellness Conference, work with the Campus Community Compact, and new activities for Fall 2023. The Coalition also announced a new radio station centered around celebrating black voices and the black experience as well as their work with the Campus Community Compact. Police Chief’s of our local police departments provided updates on recent crime activity within our community and promoted their efforts in recruitment of new police staff. The Champaign-Urbana Trauma and Resiliency Initiative (CU TRI) also provided updates on their community violence response teams game plan for the upcoming year.