Campus-Community Compact

On June 21, 2023 was the launch of the Campus-Community Compact to Accelerate Social Justice (Compact) Convening. In response to Chancellor Jones’ Call-To-Action against racism and social injustice in July 2020, the Community Action and Public Engagement (CAPE) Committee established the Compact, comprised of a diverse group of leaders from both the campus and the community, working collaboratively toward a common goal – to accelerate social justice at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and the surrounding community.

The Compact addresses six focus areas that are critical to a vibrant community: Accessible Technology; Community Health, Wellness & Resilience; Community Relations; Economic Development; Inclusive Education; and Workforce Development. The compact welcomed both Champaign’s Mayor, Deborah Frank Feinen, and Urbana’s Mayor, Diane Wolfe Marlin, to give their thoughts on the Compact’s impact in our community thus far. City staff from NSD, Planning, CMO, and CPD attended the convening. Staff from the IT Department and the Equity and Engagement Department hosted breakout sessions discussing accessible technology, community relations, and economic development. Members of City Council were also in attendance for this important event.

After the informational sessions, the compact had a community picnic at Hessel Park with a variety of local food vendors. This was a great opportunity to hear more about the impact of the Compact in the community, provide your input, and learn how you could become involved.