43:43:43 Neighborhood Engagement Campaign Update

Neighborhood Services and Public Works Department staff attended the United Garden Hills Neighborhood Association (UGHNA) neighborhood group meeting on May 15. Public Works provided an update on the drainage and lighting infrastructure improvement construction timeline planned for the neighborhood. Also attending was Champaign Park District Executive Director Sarah Sandquist, who received community input regarding proposed Hedge POP! Park programming. The group discussed hosting monthly outdoor events this summer to reconnect with neighbors.

Neighborhood Services, Police, and Public Works staff attended the Devonshire II HOA annual meeting on May 17. City staff shared department updates with the Devonshire II HOA neighbors prior to the business portion of the group meeting. The group will use funding from the Neighborhood Small Grant Program to host a neighborhood cleanup and picnic on May 27.The Timberline Valley South (TVS) HOA will  host a game night on May 20 from 3-6 pm in Powell Park. TVS neighbors will use neighborhood small grant funds to host the social event for neighbors of their HOA. The event will be supported by the Neighborhood Ambassadors and include music, food, games, and fun for all ages.The Victor Street Neighborhood Group will host a neighborhood cleanup event on May 20. The event will provide Victor Street neighborhood residents an opportunity to discard unwanted household bulk items. The neighborhood group will utilize neighborhood small grant funds to provide a dumpster for the neighborhood cleanup.