City of Champaign Reaches Interim Agreement with Champaign Park Apartments

The City of Champaign and Champaign Park Apartments have reached an agreement which continues the City’s court case against the property owners to March 21, 2023. The terms of the stipulated court order entered on February 9 requires Champaign Park Apartments to continue to reimburse the City for expenses incurred to provide temporary housing to tenants displaced from the complex due to building condemnations. The City will continue to provide temporary housing for displaced tenants until their units are no longer condemned or the property owner provides alternative, safe housing.

The stipulated court order requires Champaign Park Apartments to reimburse the City $145,401.45 within 30 days for expenses the City incurred to house displaced tenants in hotels through February 2. Property owners also agreed to continue to reimburse the City for subsequent costs to rehouse displaced tenants on a monthly basis.

The court order requires Champaign Park Apartments to board all broken windows at the apartment complex within seven days. Property management must also board and secure exterior windows to any vacant building and secure unoccupied dwelling units within any occupied building within 30 days. Property management will also arrange for proper security gates and security personnel within 60 days of the conclusion of the case.

City Attorney Thomas Yu said, “The property owners have been working towards making repairs to condemned units so that displaced tenants can return to safe housing. Giving them more time to continue making repairs and securing vacant units, while also agreeing to reimburse the City for rehousing displaced tenants, was determined to be in the best interests for both parties.”