Five CPD Officers Graduate from Police Academy

Champaign police officers that graduated from Police Training Institute and Chief Tyler.On December 15, five new Champaign Police Officers graduated from the Police Training Institute during a ceremony at the Vineyard Church in Urbana. Officers Bialeschki, Elias, Gress, Ronnfeldt, and Walmer now move on to CPD’s 20-week Field Training program. Officers Ronnfeldt and Walmer were both recognized for serving as Class Squad Leaders for their scholastic achievement, with both achieving scores in the top 10 of their class. Ronnfeldt was also recipient of the Bowman Marksmanship Award as top shot in the Police academy Class.

Chief of Police Timothy Tyler served at the keynote speaker for the event, and shared an important message on self care and community connection in the work that these officers will go on to do. “Remember that it is our deeply held connection to our communities that drives our mission,” said Tyler, “and that we serve with honor, dignity, and pride to keep those communities safe.”