Parking Restrictions around McKinley Field for Football Game on September 24

Due to the Champaign Central High School football game at McKinley Field on Saturday, September 24, 2022, the following parking restrictions on nearby streets will be in place:

Streets immediately adjacent to McKinley Field will be closed to traffic and marked Resident Permit Parking Only:

New (John to Haines)
Haines (New to Pine)
Pine (John to Haines)

These nearby neighborhood side streets will be marked as Resident Permit Parking Only:
Daniel (Pine to Prospect)
William (Pine to Prospect & New to Elm)
Charles (Pine to Prospect)
Haines (Pine to Prospect)
Foley (John to Haines)
Lynn (John to Haines)

Beginning today, parking permits will be distributed to residents to display in vehicles and to gain access if traveling in and out of the neighborhood during Saturday’s event. Parking Enforcement Officers will patrol the neighborhood to ensure that vehicles parked on the street are displaying proper permits. Vehicles parked on the street without the appropriate permit are at risk of being ticketed and/or towed.

Those attending the game are encouraged to park at Central High School or the Champaign Country Club and use the provided shuttle service. Total attendance at the game is limited to 700 people. The City of Champaign would like to thank residents, neighbors, and fans for their cooperation and patience during this event.