Commercial Fire – 1606 Rion Drive

The Champaign Fire Department responded to a fire in the gas vault of 1606 Rion Drive, on September 16, 2022, at 2:49 p.m. This fire was extinguished by closing a gas valve that controlled the flow of gas.

Firefighters responded to an initial report of a fire in the gas vault of 1606 Rion Drive. Once on the scene, crews believed the sprinkler system had activated and was controlling the unknown fire. Fire companies supported the sprinkler system and worked alongside facility management to assess the situation.

Fire companies entered the building and found a fire at a gas fitting in the gas vault. Firefighters and facility staff extinguished the fire by closing the valve before the gas fitting. Firefighters found the sprinkler system had not activated as previously thought and did not have to flow any water to extinguish the fire.

A nearby hotel and school were evacuated as a precaution. Only those that remained after school hours were affected by the evacuation. There were no firefighter or employee injuries reported.