City Sells Vacant Lots

Picture of a "Lot For Sale" sign on a vacant lotOn July 27, 2022, the City published requests for bids for the sale of three City owned properties. These properties were obtained by the City through Code Compliance activities. The requests for bids were advertised in the News Gazette, on CGTV and on the City’s social media accounts. In addition, signs were posted on the properties and letters were sent to adjacent property owners and other interested parties notifying them of the requests for bids, how to access the bid documents, and the date and time the bids were due. On August 24, 2022, the City held the bid opening. A total of eight bids were received from five individual bidders. Ultimately, there were two successful bidders. Clayton Clark submitted the successful bid for 40 E. Beardsley, and JB Transportation and Logistics won the bidding for 505 and 606 W Bradley.

The sale of these three lots brings the total number of lots sold through the City’s new semi-annual bidding process up to six. As a result of the City of Champaign’s 2022 property disposition bidding cycle, Habitat for Humanity has increased their inventory of available building sites for families in Champaign from one to four, thereby increasing the opportunity for affordable housing in the City of Champaign. In addition, $10,150 of revenue was generated and roughly $16,800 in annual costs for maintenance of these lots was eliminated.

Currently, there are no more lots available for purchase through bid. In Winter of 2023, staff hopes to publish the first semi-annual request for bids for any newly identified properties to be sold through the bidding process.